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Words By Mark Twain

Mark Twain
Leading Authors

"People who behave pessimistic before the age of 48 years is that people know too much. Be optimistic, while those after the age of 48 years is that people know too little."

Words By Larry Bossidy

Larry Bossidy
Leaders Allied Signal

"Although you continue to sit in soft chairs in the same throughout your career, but you only need to have a lot of new skills."

Words By Alvin Toffler

Alvin Toffler
Futuris Stellar

"Managers are often trained to be exactly who they are often a low, namely the bureaucrats."

Words By Robert Townsend

Robert Townsend
Leaders Avis

"Small companies that work should referred to as the big companies."

Words By Florence Griffith Joyner

Florence Griffith Joyner
Famous Athletes

"I pray seriously and work seriously. Next, let God decide."

Words By William G. McGowan

William G. McGowan
The Founder of MCI Corp.

"Your success depends on other people, unless you aspire to become a violinist who single."

Words By Shiv Khera

Shiv Khera
Motivator World Level

"Story of success is also the story of the failure of large, unfortunately the people less happy reading."

"One is the secret part of the solution and not a problem."

Words By William Bernbach

William Bernbach
Miliarder Advertising

"Words of mouth advertising is the best customer."

Words By Jean De La Bruyere

Jean De La Bruyere
Renowned Author

"There are only two things that make us successful in this world: the first is because of our intensity, the second is due to ignorance of others."

Words By Harold Geneen

Haroid Geneen
President of AT & T

"Do not be influenced by the mythical past to overcome the problems of the present."

Words By Kemmons Wilson

Kemmons Wilson
CEO of Holiday Inn

"Like I work half a day, no matter whether it is the first 12 minutes or 12 second."

Words By Fred Allen

Fred Allen
Leader Pitney Bowen Company

"The Committee is a group of important people who, when alone may not be able to do anything. However, when together there is no that is not possible for them."

Words By Peter Drucker

Peter Drucker
Known Management Specialists

"A successful business started from a brave decision."

Words By Sam Walton

Sam Walton
The Founder of Wal Mart

"Customers can top up the sack with only subordinate to shop elsewhere."

Words By John Kotter

John Kotter
Specialists World Leadership Level

"A leader, he is anything great, will not be able to change everything."

Words By Barbara Grogan

Barbara Grogan
Leaders Western Industrial Contractors

"I am successful because I honestly assess my strengths and weaknesses, and build a team of people who have skills that I need."

Words By Masaru Ibuka

Masaru Ibuka
The Founder of Sony Corporation

"Creativity comes from the search to obtain the things that are not normal and the courage to step out of daily life."

Words By Cynthia Kersey

Cynthia Kersey
Renowned Author

"Indeed, in the marketing plan is the determination and confidence to yourself."

Words By Frederick Smith

Frederick Smith
The Founder of Federal Express

"Fear failure will not be a reason not to try something."

Words By Madam C.J Walker

Madam C.J. Walker

The Founder Madam C.J. Walker

"Do not just wait and dreamy opportunity came. Arise and create your own opportunity."

Words By Henry David Thoreau

Henry David Thoreau

Leading Authors

"He went alone can leave at any time. However, their entourage had to wait to go the other is ready first."

Words By Bill Gates

Bill Gates
The Founder of Microsoft

"Companies that can succeed is a company that knows when to be behind the times of the products."

"The greater the success I achieve, the more I also easily destroyed by it."

Words By Alfred P. Sloan

Alfred P. Sloan
Leader General Motors

"Wherever possible not to recruit people from outside to occupy top positions in our organization."

Words By Gertrude Boyle

Gertrude Boyle
Columbia leaders Sporswear

"If you do not know something, do not afraid to ask for help."

Words By B.C. Forbes

B.C. Forbes
The Founder of Forbes Magazine

"Doing what is right. Doing what is right with the right. Doing what is right with right now."

Words By Larry King

Larry King
The Famous Bearer of Events

"Not with talk, but listen to the ones we can learn a lot."

Words By Akio Morita

Akio Morita
The Founder of Sony Corporation

"Differences of views that can ensure that the company does not slip in the confusion."

Words By Robyn Alian

Robyn Alian

CEO of British Columbia

"The biggest failure is when we never tried."

Words By P.T. Barnum

P.T. Barnum
The Founder of Barnum & Bailey

"We Himself to be artists who sculpt our success."

Words By Rupert Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch
Leader News Corporation

"The money will appear in place of those who seek."

Words By Andre Agassi

Andre Agassi
Pete World

"Being number two is the most painful."

Words By John Paul Getty

John Paul Getty

The Founder of Getty Oil

"If you still can count your money, you're not rich."

"If your debtor 100 dollars, you are dizzy. But, if your debtor 100 Million Dollars, the bank will be a headache. "

Words By Andrew Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie
The Founder of Carnegie Steel Company

"Generally, the problems that we imagine will happen is just shadows. Anything that happens remains optimistic."

Words By Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey
Events of Stellar

"Do their best on this day will bring you to the best place in the future."

"You can not do everything alone. Do not be afraid to rely on others to help you achieve your goals."

Words By Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin
Comedians Famous

"Laughing is a tonic for life."

Words By Leo Burnett

Leo Burnett
Miliarder Advertising

"Ideals that are not always high you can make to reach stars. However, the obvious, you also will not hold mud."

Words By Philip Crosby

Philip Crosby
Professor Quality

"Only a few great leaders who never fail big."

Words By Charles F. Kettering

Charles F. Kettering
The Founder Sloan-Kettering Institute

"Believe and then act as if it's what you do may not be failed."

Words By Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill
The Founder of The Association

"It is no use worrying that something outside of us."

"You only need one idea to reach a brilliant success."

Words By Malcolm Forbes

Malcolm Forbes
Chief Forbes Magazine

"If you are getting what is not actual, that means he does not have to use it at all."

Words By Lisa M. Amoss

Lisa M. Amoss
Business Specialists

"The average person has 3.8 times successful failures before finally reaching the big success."

Words By David Packard

David Packard
The Founder of Hewlett-Packard

"The Company is a group of people who can achieve success when they are together, but will fail when they are alone."

Words By Robert J. Steinberg

Robert J. Steinberg
Author Success

"Success is not determined by IQ. Low value can not be cut off successfully. Similarly, a high value is not a guarantee for success."

Words By Mark Sheppard

Mark Sheppard
President of Texas Instruments

"Giant companies to know all possible worst. While we do not know. We foolish. Therefore, we continue to progress and ultimately success."

Words By Tom Peters

Tom Peters
Business Specialists

"We are the CEO of our company that I called Inc. Our main task to be able to enter the business world today is to become Director of Marketing for ourselves."

Words By John W. Patten

John W. Patten
Executive Business Week

"The road to success is always full of holes and must be constantly improved."

Words By Walter P. Chrysler

Walter P. Chrysler
The Founder of Chrysler Corporation

"Secret of success is enthusiasm."

Words By Aristotle Onassis

Aristotle Onassis
Miliarder Shipping

"Secret of success in business is how we become that the only people who know about a valuable information."

Words By David Ogilvy

David Ogilvy
Miliarder Advertising

"If you know how that you need, you certainly will never be the ax."

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