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Words By David Sarnoff

David Sarnoff
The Founder of NBC Television Stations

"Compensation Arts is the biggest threat to progress."

Words By Henry Ford

Henry Ford
The Founder of Ford Motor

"When we are afraid to fail, that means we have limited our capacity."

"If we correct principles, in any field it is applied it will remain correct."

Words By Ernest Hemingway


Ernest Hemingway 
Leading Authors

"Mistrust to ourselves is because the main cause of all our failures."

Words By Edmaund Burke

Edmund Burke 
Statesman, Author

"Failure is a hard teacher, and cruel, but he loves us and is working for us."

Words By Charles M. Schwab

Charles M. Schwab
Chief United States Steel Company

"Slightly more than the others is the secret of success in business."

"One can achieve success in all areas if it has any enthusiasm in the work done."

Words By Paul J. Meyer

Justify Full

Paul J. Meyer 
Insurance Executive

"Opportunities never come to those who wait. Be by chance that their aggressive."

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