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Words by Andrew Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie
Founder of Carnegie Steel Company

"Get used to think that success is only a step and must be achieved, undoubtedly a bright future will be in front of you."

Words by B.C. Forbes

The idea is the basic ingredient for success."

B.C. Forbes
Founder of Forbes Magazine

Words by Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet
Mega Investors

"If you can call whoever your hero, I can predict what will become of you later."

Words by Ben Feldman

Ben Feldman
Billionaire Insurance

"The difference between reaching $ 100,000 by $ 1,000,000 is an extra zero."

Words by H. Ross Perot

H. Ross Perot
Founder of Electronic Data Systems

"The more you succeed, the harder to discipline you impose on yourself."

Words by Bernard Tapie

Bernard Tapie

"What do you think fantasy, is actually the reality for those who want to fight."

Words by Thomas J. Watson

Thomas J. Watson
Founder of IBM

"Do not be afraid to do wrong, do continue because, at the end, we will see success."

Words by Conrad Hilton

Conrad Hilton
Founder of Hilton Hotels

"Success always comes from doing and work."

Words by Henry Ford

Henry Ford
Founder of Ford Motor

"If we are afraid to fail, it means we have limited our ability."

Words by Thomas A. Edison

Thomas A. Edison
Founder of Edison Electric

"Many people who actually were very close to success, but, unfortunately, they then gave up."

Words by Charles M. Schwab

Charles M. Schwab
Leader of the United States Steel Company

"An initial step will determine whether we go to a place or just spinning aimlessly."

Words by Wally Amos

Wally Amos
Founder of Famous Amos

"Success does not come to you, but you have to come."

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